Games and Walking

Today we took things simply and spent most of the afternoon watching the Giants’ game. Plus taking of naps and sitting on the porch may have happened too.

And after finishing the game, we took a walk. The air smelled beautiful. I love it when it reminds me of the high sierras, all warm and pine-y.

Nephew sitting and friends arriving

Felt good to be officially done organizing my room. I mostly MariKondo’d it, but not quite. I’ve been working on organizing it for at least a year, and for at least two years I’ve been very slowly buying a new seat, new curtains, and re-arranging it. Today felt like I reached a finishing milestone organizing and arranging it.

I spent several hours nephew-sitting this afternoon. Eddie is so easy to watch, there’s not much work about it. He’s starting to make animal sounds when you read him books and it’s the cutest.

I thought I was going to get lots of baby time with Baby Dietrich, but the little stinker slept the whole time. He woke up right as Daddy got home, so I stayed a little longer to hang out with him. Here we are trying to show the camera how “foxy” he is.

And last but not least, one of my best friends/cousins/adopted sisters, Leah, and family arrived this evening from California. She and her husband made the brave trek with four little kiddos today. So impressive! Here the kids are discovering Pooky the Wonder Kitty (she had just been performing tricks for them) and getting to know Tonka. The kids were also sufficiently thrilled by the large collection of Chevron cars in the basement.

Beets me

I’ve been on a suateed-vegetables-with-eggs kick lately. I’m mostly alternating between kale and beet greens. So hipster of me.

I was suprised when I stepped out the door this morning to find the young chickens out with the turkey. It cracks me up seeing the silly little turkey watching over all of them. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to bring myself to butcher her this fall. They haven’t yet learned how to go back into their coop at night, so this evening Andy helped me grab them out of the local butterfly bush chicken condo that they were all roosting in.

In other news, today Daniel and I took a bunch of debris to the composting site and then went by Bob’s Red Mill since it was close by and we don’t get to that part of town often. I thought there would be street parking to accommodate the big trailer we were pulling but there wasn’t. Daniel spotted an open parking area in front of a business, so we pulled in there and I popped in to ask if it was okay if we parked there while we went next door. They graciously said yes, but if I was late they would charge me a cookie. 😉 So of course I had to buy them cookies. Because that’s what my Mom would’ve done.



Today I finally was able to see Dr Z. I’m feeling much more stable and here’s hoping it lasts! He did an interesting new exercise today which pretty much involved me leaning forward, looking at an optokinetic screen and then being bent backwards, kind of how they do in fancy dance moves. So I pretty much felt like I was doing the tango. Whoopie! But hey, it did the trick!

In the evening, the whole family was actually together for dinner. It was pleasant enough to sit outside and we enjoyed it thoroughly since Jacob leaves for a week tomorrow and then we have friends visiting all next week, so it probably won’t happen again for another week or two!


I haven’t posted about my balance in much detail for a while. No news is good news, as they say. For the most part everything has been fairly ho-hum. I’ve cut back my appointments to the Functional Neurologist to twice a month. I tried going to once a month, but that was way too long. I spent the last week or so regretting that decision.

As my balance has improved so much in the last year, I’ve mostly gotten into the world of the nitty-gritty annoyances. The little things that still don’t come easily, but aren’t holding me back, like bending down, riding in the backseat of a car, and being cautious about movie theaters. It’s nothing that holds me back from enjoying life. I’m just very careful about how I approach it sometimes.

It’s been more on mind this week as there was turbulence as were landing in Portland and I haven’t normally noticed to much trouble before, but this time I was intense on doing my crossword puzzle and had a hard time putting it down. I suspect that’s what put me a bit over the edge for the rest of the week. I kind of liken it to a painless headache. I’m not dizzy per se, although I could probably get there easily if I tried. I know my limits and try to avoid anything that makes it worse, but if my head isn’t resting than for the most part it’s silently screaming at me to lay down and rest. Now it’s not really tired that is, it just doesn’t know where it is in space and so it gets exhausted easily. Which then eventually makes my neck tired as it’s constantly making micro adjustments to keep my head on somewhat even keel.

I have my little exercises to do from the functional neurologists and often I can figure out what’s off and fix it myself, but not this time. And I don’t dare mess with it too much for fear of making it worse. So I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to get in to see the functional neurologist early this week!





Today was quiet. Besides having family over for lunch. And three of my brothers’ friends spend the night. But! After all that, everyone was gone by midafternoon which meant I could watch Colombo and a Giants game and work on my computer in peace and quiet.

I needed the peace and quiet as my balance has still not recovered from my flight, so I’m praying I’ll get in to see Dr Z soon next week. Last night I woke up with my neck muscles hurting like crazy. I suspect it’s due to the strain of trying to hold it straight. Thankfully arnica cream helped and I was eventually able to get back to sleep. Today I’ve been sure to rest my neck a lot.

In other news, one big project that has gotten long drawn out was that of figuring out my medical costs from the second concussion. Oh gee, I know it could be oh! so much worse, but it was a little depressing to see the final number. Ouch. I’m just trying to remember money isn’t everything and I have so much to be thankful for!

Firepit chat

Tonight was another firepit chat at our house. Our new pastor from Scotland and his wife from Montana shared their story. Andy (with Eddie and Dietrich in the picture) has been organizing these get-togethers and they’ve been quite popular. Today I would guess we had about forty people and the party is still going strong. But I’m a party pooper and heading to bed as my balance still isn’t back to normal from my flight, which makes me tired!

I got back from California last night. The family cat-sat for a friend while I was gone and it was lovely to meet the noble Cato.

I’m reading this intriguing book right now. Written by a Turkish author, each chapter is from the first person perspective of different characters. I’m interested to see how the characters weave together.

More twins


This was my last afternoon and I spent it with my cousin and the twins. I managed to catch Charlotte with an almost-smile.

This morning I finished sorting through all of my grandmother’s clothes. She passed away in February and it’s time for her clothes to move on. Since that was the main goal of the trip, I’m happy to have finished it before I left! I also washed curtains and cleaned out a moth-filled cupboard, so I’m feeling fairly accomplished this evening.

Twin time

I spent the afternoon hanging out with the twins some more. I even got to help give them a bath. Normally Charlotte is a more fussy baby, but it’s Nicholas who hates the bath. They were both exhausted afterwards, so they were pleasantly relaxed. 

Then it was dinner on the patio while I watched a tv show on my laptop. Felt quite luxurious.

This morning, my cousin Geoff came over (and stayed for lunch) so that we could hear all about his adventures in Cuba where he just spent a month learning Spanish. It was fascinating and lovely to catch up with him.