This may look like I was all out-doorsy today, but really the hike was just to help offset being glued to the Olympics all day. After the hike (which was shorter than I hoped, thanks to one car not paying attention to the map) we had dinner down by the river. Some left early to go watch the Olympics, but the parentals and I sat by the river and read for awhile. Bliss. Then we came home to watch more Olympics.

Firepit chat

This evening was another firepit chat. The evening got a bit chilly so lots of blankets were brought out. The little boys had an apple war in the orchard, and one of them got stung crawling under our “wagon”… ie, the trailer. 

This afternoon I canned more tuna, which is about as exciting as it sounds. I mostly sat there to monitor the guage for two hours. Whoopee.

And late this evening we caught some of the Olympics! Yay!


Today was a fairly ordinary day. Took a walk, did summer school with Jacob, ran errands, cooked dinner, cleaned up dinner and then canned tuna. 

I canned tuna for the first time. And I’m still alive.

I sat outside to monitor the pressure canner and finished a book on blogging and started one on biomechanics. The air was the perfect temp so it was pretty pleasant. And then around 10:30 pm, with 45 minutes still to go, I was starting to get tired of reading by the harsh lights and cheated by bringing my laptop outside. Love me some modern technology.

Finished it

This evening, I finally finished the book War and Peace. I started it over five years ago, but have done most of the 50 out of 70 hours of listening to it in the past nine months. So happy to be done with it! Whew.

This morning we had our first ladies bible study. We are studying Psalm 103, and it’s nice to be doing the studying together instead of having homework to do during the week.

On a lesser note, Jacob and I played games this afternoon. I think I beat him twice. We played six rounds of Pentago, several card games, and then finished with Canasta. It was his winning day! Just glad we didn’t play poker….



Today we had relief. We met with Jacob’s neurosurgeon and learned that he did not need surgery after all. Whew! Since we were in Portland, we then had lunch from a food cart, passing this colorful house on our walk there, and then headed off to another doctor’s appointment.

After a delicious chicken pot pie dinner, I finished window glazing the other carriage door. That’s been on my to-do list for at least a year. Another relief.

Window Glazing

Yesterday was a rare treat. My dear friend Elisabeth was in town for Sunday so we got to sit and chat. So thankful for friends that deal honestly with their struggles! It was also nice to catch up with Hannah.

Today I got to meet another good friend for lunch and hear about how life in New York City is going. I want to visit her so badly! We caught up over delicious Vietnamese food and then afterwards I picked up Eddie to spend the rest of the day with us. You can see he’s working hard watering the plants. 

I learned a new skill today. I needed to attach the glass to the carriage doors that I built several years ago and today I tackled one of the windows. I thought it would be rather scary, but the glazing compound felt a lot like playdough, so it mostly consisted of rolling snakes (got lots of practice at that in preschool!) and smoothing the compound out. I’ve gotten one window done, and hopefully I’ll do the next one tomorrow.


After finishing the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (highly recommend!) we went outside to look at the stars. It’s one of my favorite ways to end the day. I haven’t been able to enjoy it much for at least several years, so it was tremendously satisfying to lie there and feel that I am small and God is big.

Friends leaving and a wedding

Our friends left. So grateful for their week-long visit. The house was sadly quiet afterwards. Last night we had a somewhat impromptu visit with longtime mutual friends. We talked well into the night time, enjoying the stars, slapping at mosquitoes and eating blueberries and whipped cream.

In the evening we had a wedding to attend. I was the reception hostess which basically meant I reminded Andy when to announce things. When I originally got the email with the timeline, I thought, “There are probably questions I should be asking, but since I’ve never done this before, I don’t know what to ask.” Well, now I know what to ask. Find out where extra cups, napkins and utensils will be, and most importantly, find out who’s in charge of cutting the cake. As the bride and groom started to cut the cake, I realized with a sinking feeling that no one was showing up to cut the cake for the masses. So I asked the caterer (who’s a friend of mine) if we could borrow the knives, found the serving stuff and plates and asked friends to pitch in and help. Thankfully they rallied around and we got it served quickly. I never did find out who was supposed to cut the cake!


Today we had a picnic in the park after spending several hours at a bookstore. I think someone enjoyed eating blackberries after finishing his chicken sandwich.

This evening we went to the airport to pick up Jacob. It’s good to have him home again!

Farm visit

Today, I tagged along on a farm visit with our friends. My friend’s husband grew up visiting this farm as a child, so he wanted to catch up with Uncle Roy and let his kids experience the fun.

This is the old farmhouse. Sadly, the inside was gutted in the 80s.

The real barn with not one, but two rope swings. I always wished I’d grown up with a barn like this.

We got to climb into a combine. After I left early for a Dr Z appointment, everyone got a turn harvesting wheat. I was jealous!

And then it was bath time for some very little dirty boys. It’s fun seeing the same bath toys I remember from childhood getting a second life.