Family lunch

Today, Tyler made a delicious pot of soup and the whole family got together to celebrate Grandpa being here. Little Dietrich was happy to see Great Grandpa! I also managed to pick vegetables in the pouring rain and we played one round of bridge with Grandpa. Wish we had had time to play more!

Sunflowers and Moonrise

I’m enjoying this rather raggedy group of flowers especially now that the sunflowers are finally blooming!

This evening we had anothe firepit chat and my grandpa spoke! He spent quite a bit of time sharing about being a navigator on a B-24 in WWII. While he was talking the moon was rising behind him which added some nice drama. 

Earlier today I had orientation for being a math tutor, errands to run, a tiny baby and his sick mama to see, and book club. It’s been a full day!

A busy Sunday

Yesterday I visited a dear friend’s church as she was playing the harp during the service. I also got to visit with another friend there, so it was a pleasant time. Then I headed over to my church for our potluck lunch and a committee meeting to work on planning our women’s retreat.

After that, I had to return Maureen’s phone and book to her. I love this sign in her house. At 85 years old, I don’t think she has any wrinkles in her soul! 

We sat in her swinging bench for a little bit and chatted. Then I had to leave to head over to the fourth event of the day.

Spending time and having dinner with most of my family at a friend’s house. We took a walk and enjoyed chatting up a storm. 

Today I went over to Hannah’s house and after assembling the above bed, had this text exchange with my brother and sister-in-law:

Babysitting and a Kitty

Yesterday I babysat. Love this nephew of mine.

And I couldn’t resist this picture of Pooky so relaxed. I’m pretty sure she was dreaming of being Super Kitty.

In other news, I missed my Dr Z appointment today. So irritated at myself. I had the wrong time stuck in my head. Argh. The world felt pretty bleak today, but after taking an hour and a half nap, it seemed a much better place!


This evening I made it to the youth Bible study, which was refreshing and inspiring.

This morning I got out to pick flowers, which always makes me happy. 

Baby shower

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for a friend. Or more accurately, provided the location and the kitchen. About 35 ladies, plus little girls, showed up. I wish I had gotten out earlier to take pictures of six dozen donuts, the five icings and the multitude of toppings that were laid out. It was pretty spectacular.

This morning we canned tuna. I got to sit outside for a bit and enjoy the view while waiting for the canner to heat up. Then I spent time cleaning up from the shower, running errands in the afternoon and making home made carnitas tacos for dinner.

A quiet week

I’ve been pretty quiet as I’ve been dealing with hydrops this past week. It is discouraging, but it could be so much worse.

My highlight of the week was going to the rodeo. It was a good distraction and was nice to get out of the house!

Last Wednesday was also the first Functional Neurology Support Group meeting. It was a small but mighty start. I was pretty excited that two other people showed up! 

Over the weekend it was nice weather and hot enough to go swimming, which was another good distraction. There are not too many hot days of summer left, so we are squeezing as many trips in as we can!

Today was more swimming after church and then a church barbecue at a friend’s house. I got to hold Dietrich quite a bit, which I’m sure he enjoyed as much as I did.

Interesting week

This week was a different type of week for me. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked as a background extra for a TV series.  It involved early mornings, long days and not enough sleep. But it was interesting as usual and the people I meet are always fascinating. 

On Friday we attempted to go camping. It was a fail, so we ended up back home for dinner, some Olympics and then enjoyed our own campfire in the backyard and watched for the meteor shower.

We did discover this dam though. 

It was beautiful to walk along.

And on Saturday we played in the river with friends at a newly discovered protected inlet. We brought air matresses and a friend brought her giant flamingo. Which was amazing.


Today we headed to Champoeg for the afternoon to attend a 50 year anniversary party. The couple we were celebrating have been instrumental in promoting the costumed interpreter program which we were really involved with for a couple of years. A fellow party-goer insisted on taking our family picture at the monument.

At the party we ran into other friends of ours who the Newell Village where we also volunteered. Since the last time we had been there they had moved a log cabin onto the property, so we went by to visit and see the changes. The cabin looked gorgeous!