A sheepish day

Actually, today wasn’t sheepish at all. But it sounded like a fun title and I did take a picture of the sheep this morning. They just looked all cozy-like as I came down to let them out of their pen.

In other words, we finally got the Christmas tree decorated. We have never been early Christmas tree decorators, but we aren’t usually quite this late. The snowfall last week postponed it, (I’m not sure why, as our neighbors give us one every year from their field!) and it took a while for everyone to be together so it could happen. And even then it was impossible to get a picture without someone walking through the picture!

Other notable happenings today included facetiming with a best friend and seeing her new house, and going Christmas shopping with Jacob.

Snowy dreams coming true

Walking down the street.

This poor barn is slowly sinking into the hill side.

One of my best friends lives 3 miles away from me down the hill. We’ve always dreamt and joked about being snowed in and walking to each other’s house, and last week it happened. Her little kiddos and husband were stranded by the snow in town and ended up staying at his parents house, so she was home alone. Thursday morning, she and I started walking at the same time and met each other halfway. We then hiked back up to my house and spent a lovely day sledding, talking and wrapping presents. She ended up spending the night and headed back on Friday after lunch. It was so sweet to have long talks with no time restraints!

We walked through a winter wonderland!

I have also dreamt of looking out my window with my wintry red and white curtains framing the snow covered tree tops. It has been fulfilled. Thank you Jesus.

A snowy Sunday

This morning I sat on the couch and watched the sunrise while I wrote and ate breakfast.

This afternoon, was the children’s nativity at church. It was actually scheduled for Saturday evening, but got postponed due to the icy weather. I’ve had so many younger brothers participate (and myself at one point) in this tradition, so it was a turning point this year to have no brothers involved (they are getting old!) and a nephew playing a sheep (he’s the little confused-looking sheep).

Other notable events include knitting for the first time during the sermon. It helped me stay focused, so I think I will be doing it again. I also got a lovely succulent as a Christmas gift from a dear friend at church and had a good chat with my cousin on her birthday. I’ve also picked up Call the Midwife again and am watching some old seasons, so overall it’s been a good day.

Another snowy day

I took this late Friday night. I love it when the garage windows get cold enough and Jack Frost visits.

This morning the snow had hoarfrost.

So beautiful.

After a pleasant day of snowiness and yoga and knitting and walks, the day ended differently than I expected. I’ve never sat at Shari’s at 1am drinking tea, but family friends needed time and energy help, so several of us set out on an adventure to lend a hand. We made it to bed at 2am which might be a new record for me!

Snowy driving

It’s winter break here, and for once Oregon is actually acting like it’s winter. 

Today Mom and I had an adventure driving home from doctor appointments in the snow. It wasn’t the snow that was the problem, it was all the silly people trying to drive home that were completely unprepared and all decided to leave work at the same time. Thankfully, we made it home in 3 hours. I think many people took 4-5 hours, so we were doing good! The trickiest part was weaving through all of the stuck cars and trucks (one semi was putting on chains right in the middle of the freeway!) on I-5 where it went up a slight grade.

But we made it home eventually and after eating a cozy dinner, taking a walk to enjoy the snow, and tucking the animals in for the night, I’m now drinking hot chocolate and watching The Marx Brothers.

Finally Fall

Fall has been teasing us in the Northwest. It has been so warm. In fact, this week we had record highs. I’m so thankful to be well enough to enjoy it!

Getting up early has its perks! This was taken right after sunrise. I’m enjoying seeing the sun rise and thankful that daylight savings is finally over so that I’m driving to school in the daylight.

Had a cozy time visiting with friends yesterday afternoon. There was much to catch up on and the fire was delightful. Also, finishing a 12 page lab report right before made the afternoon even better!

Long day

Today’s been a bit of a long day. I still have this nasty cold/cough. Thankfully it mostly exists as a cough, but it keeps threatening an attack on my throat and sinuses so I’m still downing immune supplements. There’s other stuff going on that isn’t really blog-worthy and isn’t super dramatic or interesting, but at times I feel it and tonight just happens to be one of those nights.

To cheer me up, I thought I would write a list of all the things I am thankful for today. So here it goes:

Being able to do yoga first thing the morning while I listen to the Bible. (Praying this is the beginning of a trend.) My cold isn’t worse. I started a knitting project during one of my boring lectures. I wore a new shirt. I remembered to bring a hot drink with me to class. Both times. I got to eat lunch at home. We played with chemistry equipment in lab. I came home to a delicious dinner, not cooked by me! Whee! I cleaned up my room – yay! – while finally checking out Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing. Listening to Renee Fleming talk about her work certainly made cleaning up my room faster. And now I’m hopefully going to bed at a very decent time. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

Wowser, that was a lot more than I thought I would come up with. Today wasn’t such a long day after all.

On Saturday most of us went to a football game – Azusa vs. Western. My brothers’ friend has two brothers that play for Azusa, so it was a blast to cheer them on! It was only the second football game I’ve been too, the first being a high school football game when I was probably 12. It was fun to not be yelling at the TV for once, lol.

Getting our picture on the field with some brothers and friends. We also got one with the whole group, but it’s not showing up on my phone correctly. 🙁

This afternoon, Eddie was entertained for hours by a trickle of running water and Elizabeth making dinner. It’s amazing the power of water and its entertainment value!

Broken Cords

Today for Biology lab we were comparing magazines with research journals (stupid, I know) and I came across this interesting article about mapping the brain. The article was several years old, so I’m curious to research this more and see how it’s changed.

After meeting up with some friends for tacos, I dropped in to visit another friend and her adorable baby, then took a short walk around her neighborhood and was awed by these impressive Dahlias. Then I came home and took a blissful nap! Now I’m looking at my schedule realizing that everything I wanted to fit in the next few days isn’t going to work. Especially with the homework I realized I have due. So bummers.


On our walk this afternoon, I spied this bush. I haven’t figured out what plant it is, but it sure was pretty!

Our neighbor’s meadow looked especially beautiful and serene. I’m not sure if a meadow is ever mowed, but this looks small enough to qualify as a meadow to me. So I’m calling it a meadow.

Talking of serene, or rather the opposite of serene, I sliced my knuckle cutting chicken today. It wasn’t horrible, but I can’t move the joint, so it’s now firmly secured with bright pink vet wrap. To be honest, vet wrap is one of my favorite things. It’s so clever and handy, and it comes in a rainbow of colors. I bought more vet wrap today, since I quickly discovered we were out when I had to have Dad tape a piece of gauze over my wound. I couldn’t resist the colors so I bought white for weddings, black for formal (and funerals, as my Mom pointed out), pink for parties and green for nature. I think there should be a whole Project Runway episode devoted to designing with vet wrap!