End of Summer

  1. It’s a little surreal to realize that in a few weeks it will be 1 year since our 100 foot tall Oak tree split in half and fell on our house. Last year, we had no idea how long or stressful the process of recovery would be. This picture was taken a few days after, when a crew with a crane took it off our house and then felled the remaining half. That was just the beginning of water damage and structural issues with the house. Long story short: we froze our way through the snowiest winter in a long time with a partially tarped roof; we moved out for months, living in one place after another; our house got a new roof and new windows; and 7 or 8 or 9 rooms got new floors, walls and ceilings. Construction pretty much took over the first half of this year and settling back in has taken months. I’m only just finishing cleaning the construction dust out of the last remaining closet. And then there are still a couple boxes to unpack.
  2. A proper summer recap will be happening soon. I spotted this glorious bloom on Wednesday. One joy this summer has been our roses. They must like upheaval and construction dust.
  3. A woodpecker was a fun sighting on a walk earlier this week.
  4. Peach Pie on Thursday with friends. The best peach pie I’ve ever had. And yes, I made it. And yes, I enjoyed it tremendously. I use Rose Barenbaum’s recipe for the filling and Alan’s Pastry for the Crust.
  5. And last but not least, I have a man in my life. I can’t imagine him not being in my life. Or how I lasted this long without him. We both like to dance and went to Bridgetown Swing last weekend. We also both really like eclipses. Seeing the eclipse with him this summer was probably my favorite thing ever.

Also, you know my last blog post? In January? That was the weekend he asked me to be his friend on Facebook and pretty soon after we started dating (we had met a month earlier). Apparently I can either date or blog.