Snowed in

We had a surprise snowfall this week. A 10 mile wide band came through our area and dumped 2-6 inches of snow. We were right in the middle, so it was a lovely surprise. It came on so suddenly that friends visiting us Sunday afternoon ended up staying the night. I had been scheming as to how to visit Mt Hood this week and instead Mt Hood came to me!

Nephews have been sick, so I spent a bit of time hanging out with them. It also helped with my cabin fever from being snowed in.

And then I escaped the freezing temperatures and went to Astoria. It was cold and clear and beautiful.

We spent a lot of time at a coffee shop at the end of this pier watching the boats go by and playing dutch blitz. It was heavenly.

And I managed to squeeze in reading this heartstring-tugging book. So good.

And then I came back home and promptly got snowed in at a friend’s house with another friend. I saw Jurassic Park (for the first time!) and we watched Far Away from the Madding Crowd and Austenland. We also played lots of Canasta and I managed to fit in another book, Virtuous Minds. It was one of my best weekends ever.