Snowy dreams coming true

Walking down the street.

This poor barn is slowly sinking into the hill side.

One of my best friends lives 3 miles away from me down the hill. We’ve always dreamt and joked about being snowed in and walking to each other’s house, and last week it happened. Her little kiddos and husband were stranded by the snow in town and ended up staying at his parents house, so she was home alone. Thursday morning, she and I started walking at the same time and met each other halfway. We then hiked back up to my house and spent a lovely day sledding, talking and wrapping presents. She ended up spending the night and headed back on Friday after lunch. It was so sweet to have long talks with no time restraints!

We walked through a winter wonderland!

I have also dreamt of looking out my window with my wintry red and white curtains framing the snow covered tree tops. It has been fulfilled. Thank you Jesus.