Snowy driving

It’s winter break here, and for once Oregon is actually acting like it’s winter. 

Today Mom and I had an adventure driving home from doctor appointments in the snow. It wasn’t the snow that was the problem, it was all the silly people trying to drive home that were completely unprepared and all decided to leave work at the same time. Thankfully, we made it home in 3 hours. I think many people took 4-5 hours, so we were doing good! The trickiest part was weaving through all of the stuck cars and trucks (one semi was putting on chains right in the middle of the freeway!) on I-5 where it went up a slight grade.

But we made it home eventually and after eating a cozy dinner, taking a walk to enjoy the snow, and tucking the animals in for the night, I’m now drinking hot chocolate and watching The Marx Brothers.