Long month

Well, I’ve titled this post Long month which is a fitting follow-up to my previous post at the beginning of the month titled Long day. The nasty cold and cough I mentioned then continued to get worse and about halfway through the month it turned into bronchitis, so I gave up and got antibiotics. I don’t start antibiotics without feeling like I absolutely have too, but I was desperate. It was rather a relief to admit to myself how crummy I felt.

But that’s not the only drama this month. A couple weekends ago a tree fell on our house. Yes, that’s right, a tree. Our 100 foot tall Oak tree split in half and crashed into a corner of the house . . . so there’s also been that. More on that forthcoming!

Anyways, I’m looking forward to sharing on this space again as I miss sharing photos and tidbits from my day.

Long day

Today’s been a bit of a long day. I still have this nasty cold/cough. Thankfully it mostly exists as a cough, but it keeps threatening an attack on my throat and sinuses so I’m still downing immune supplements. There’s other stuff going on that isn’t really blog-worthy and isn’t super dramatic or interesting, but at times I feel it and tonight just happens to be one of those nights.

To cheer me up, I thought I would write a list of all the things I am thankful for today. So here it goes:

Being able to do yoga first thing the morning while I listen to the Bible. (Praying this is the beginning of a trend.) My cold isn’t worse. I started a knitting project during one of my boring lectures. I wore a new shirt. I remembered to bring a hot drink with me to class. Both times. I got to eat lunch at home. We played with chemistry equipment in lab. I came home to a delicious dinner, not cooked by me! Whee! I cleaned up my room – yay! – while finally checking out Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing. Listening to Renee Fleming talk about her work certainly made cleaning up my room faster. And now I’m hopefully going to bed at a very decent time. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

Wowser, that was a lot more than I thought I would come up with. Today wasn’t such a long day after all.

On Saturday most of us went to a football game – Azusa vs. Western. My brothers’ friend has two brothers that play for Azusa, so it was a blast to cheer them on! It was only the second football game I’ve been too, the first being a high school football game when I was probably 12. It was fun to not be yelling at the TV for once, lol.

Getting our picture on the field with some brothers and friends. We also got one with the whole group, but it’s not showing up on my phone correctly. 🙁

This afternoon, Eddie was entertained for hours by a trickle of running water and Elizabeth making dinner. It’s amazing the power of water and its entertainment value!