On our walk this afternoon, I spied this bush. I haven’t figured out what plant it is, but it sure was pretty!

Our neighbor’s meadow looked especially beautiful and serene. I’m not sure if a meadow is ever mowed, but this looks small enough to qualify as a meadow to me. So I’m calling it a meadow.

Talking of serene, or rather the opposite of serene, I sliced my knuckle cutting chicken today. It wasn’t horrible, but I can’t move the joint, so it’s now firmly secured with bright pink vet wrap. To be honest, vet wrap is one of my favorite things. It’s so clever and handy, and it comes in a rainbow of colors. I bought more vet wrap today, since I quickly discovered we were out when I had to have Dad tape a piece of gauze over my wound. I couldn’t resist the colors so I bought white for weddings, black for formal (and funerals, as my Mom pointed out), pink for parties and green for nature. I think there should be a whole Project Runway episode devoted to designing with vet wrap!