A busy Sunday

Yesterday I visited a dear friend’s church as she was playing the harp during the service. I also got to visit with another friend there, so it was a pleasant time. Then I headed over to my church for our potluck lunch and a committee meeting to work on planning our women’s retreat.

After that, I had to return Maureen’s phone and book to her. I love this sign in her house. At 85 years old, I don’t think she has any wrinkles in her soul! 

We sat in her swinging bench for a little bit and chatted. Then I had to leave to head over to the fourth event of the day.

Spending time and having dinner with most of my family at a friend’s house. We took a walk and enjoyed chatting up a storm. 

Today I went over to Hannah’s house and after assembling the above bed, had this text exchange with my brother and sister-in-law: