Window Glazing

Yesterday was a rare treat. My dear friend Elisabeth was in town for Sunday so we got to sit and chat. So thankful for friends that deal honestly with their struggles! It was also nice to catch up with Hannah.

Today I got to meet another good friend for lunch and hear about how life in New York City is going. I want to visit her so badly! We caught up over delicious Vietnamese food and then afterwards I picked up Eddie to spend the rest of the day with us. You can see he’s working hard watering the plants. 

I learned a new skill today. I needed to attach the glass to the carriage doors that I built several years ago and today I tackled one of the windows. I thought it would be rather scary, but the glazing compound felt a lot like playdough, so it mostly consisted of rolling snakes (got lots of practice at that in preschool!) and smoothing the compound out. I’ve gotten one window done, and hopefully I’ll do the next one tomorrow.