Friends leaving and a wedding

Our friends left. So grateful for their week-long visit. The house was sadly quiet afterwards. Last night we had a somewhat impromptu visit with longtime mutual friends. We talked well into the night time, enjoying the stars, slapping at mosquitoes and eating blueberries and whipped cream.

In the evening we had a wedding to attend. I was the reception hostess which basically meant I reminded Andy when to announce things. When I originally got the email with the timeline, I thought, “There are probably questions I should be asking, but since I’ve never done this before, I don’t know what to ask.” Well, now I know what to ask. Find out where extra cups, napkins and utensils will be, and most importantly, find out who’s in charge of cutting the cake. As the bride and groom started to cut the cake, I realized with a sinking feeling that no one was showing up to cut the cake for the masses. So I asked the caterer (who’s a friend of mine) if we could borrow the knives, found the serving stuff and plates and asked friends to pitch in and help. Thankfully they rallied around and we got it served quickly. I never did find out who was supposed to cut the cake!