Nephew sitting and friends arriving

Felt good to be officially done organizing my room. I mostly MariKondo’d it, but not quite. I’ve been working on organizing it for at least a year, and for at least two years I’ve been very slowly buying a new seat, new curtains, and re-arranging it. Today felt like I reached a finishing milestone organizing and arranging it.

I spent several hours nephew-sitting this afternoon. Eddie is so easy to watch, there’s not much work about it. He’s starting to make animal sounds when you read him books and it’s the cutest.

I thought I was going to get lots of baby time with Baby Dietrich, but the little stinker slept the whole time. He woke up right as Daddy got home, so I stayed a little longer to hang out with him. Here we are trying to show the camera how “foxy” he is.

And last but not least, one of my best friends/cousins/adopted sisters, Leah, and family arrived this evening from California. She and her husband made the brave trek with four little kiddos today. So impressive! Here the kids are discovering Pooky the Wonder Kitty (she had just been performing tricks for them) and getting to know Tonka. The kids were also sufficiently thrilled by the large collection of Chevron cars in the basement.