Beets me

I’ve been on a suateed-vegetables-with-eggs kick lately. I’m mostly alternating between kale and beet greens. So hipster of me.

I was suprised when I stepped out the door this morning to find the young chickens out with the turkey. It cracks me up seeing the silly little turkey watching over all of them. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to bring myself to butcher her this fall. They haven’t yet learned how to go back into their coop at night, so this evening Andy helped me grab them out of the local butterfly bush chicken condo that they were all roosting in.

In other news, today Daniel and I took a bunch of debris to the composting site and then went by Bob’s Red Mill since it was close by and we don’t get to that part of town often. I thought there would be street parking to accommodate the big trailer we were pulling but there wasn’t. Daniel spotted an open parking area in front of a business, so we pulled in there and I popped in to ask if it was okay if we parked there while we went next door. They graciously said yes, but if I was late they would charge me a cookie. 😉 So of course I had to buy them cookies. Because that’s what my Mom would’ve done.