Today was quiet. Besides having family over for lunch. And three of my brothers’ friends spend the night. But! After all that, everyone was gone by midafternoon which meant I could watch Colombo and a Giants game and work on my computer in peace and quiet.

I needed the peace and quiet as my balance has still not recovered from my flight, so I’m praying I’ll get in to see Dr Z soon next week. Last night I woke up with my neck muscles hurting like crazy. I suspect it’s due to the strain of trying to hold it straight. Thankfully arnica cream helped and I was eventually able to get back to sleep. Today I’ve been sure to rest my neck a lot.

In other news, one big project that has gotten long drawn out was that of figuring out my medical costs from the second concussion. Oh gee, I know it could be oh! so much worse, but it was a little depressing to see the final number. Ouch. I’m just trying to remember money isn’t everything and I have so much to be thankful for!