Crocosmia and Chickens

I found this beautiful Crocosmia at the park today. Just gorgeous, ain’t it? I was meeting a friend to bring her chicken and eggs that she ordered and it was a gorgeous sunny day, so we met at a park.

Yesterday, was the chicken processing day. Whew. So glad that’s over. The boys helped me load up the 83 Cornish Cross chickens and I drove them down to the processing place (an hour and half away), backed the trailer up (only took two tries!), unloaded them into crates, went into town to buy ice (And cherries! They were selling them at cost.) and then it was back to load up the processed chickens and drive home an hour and a half. It was a lot of lifting chickens. And then I had to drive into town nearby to deliver eggs and a few chickens. It was a long day. But I’m so glad to be done with meat chicken chores!

Also, for a funny anecdote: I was loading up the processed chickens when an older guy who worked there came over to me, asked me how many chickens I was raising this year, and then referring to the ratcheted straps holding the tarp down on a trailer said, “I’ve never seen a lady who put her straps on as well as you.” And I had no clue how to respond – I mean, was it an insult or a compliment? So I just said, “Thanks, my brothers taught me well. They used to process chickens.” and walked off to get more chickens.