Finished with Finals

This week we’ve had some young men staying with us. Isaac, Peter and I started to set up for Dutch Blitz when Tonka decided he wanted to play too. At first he came in and laid down right in the middle, but eventually we coaxed him to sit off to the side and be content with just his paw in the action.

I’ve also taken advantage of having these young men around to have them pluck strawberry stems. They went through 2 flats in no time at all, which left us more time to enjoy the strawberry shortcake that I promised them.

Today I stopped by to see grumpy old man Dietrich. He was obviously thrilled. Then I brought Eddie home for the afternoon.

In other news, I’m done with spring term! And . . . I actually miss it already. But it’s good to have a break. I’m still having some sort of unresolved gut issue and got blood drawn yesterday to make sure there’s nothing major going on. I suspect not, but I wanted to be sure. To celebrate being done with school, Mom and I were lazy and watched Anne of Green Gables in the afternoon while eating strawberry shortcake. Felt good to take it easy!