Summer fun

While reading outside Sunday afternoon for several hours, I finished Confederates in the Attic. Now I’m reading God’s Hotel, a book about the last almshouse in America.

We have one stubborn hen that refuses to nest in the nesting boxes.

The nephew got an impromptu swim time today at a friend’s house. He loved it!

Hiking and Mt Hood

I hiked for about 5 miles this afternoon with a friend. It was a perfect afternoon for it.

In the evening, I took a walk with Mom and Tyler. Mt Hood was looking rosy during the sunset.

I’ve been a bit quiet around here as I’ve had some horrible allergy/cold combo the past few days. After a surprise 2 hour nap, I am starting to feel like I will live again. 

Pooky the Siamese continues to entertain us all. She held me captive by sitting on my lap this evening while others did dishes. Good kitty.

Today mostly consisted of unpacking and hanging out at the hospital while waiting for Jacob’s MRI to be completed. Mom and I watched some Monk while we waited. Plus, between resting and waiting, I have less than 40 pages left to finish Battlefield Earth!


Last week was our church’s family camp! Here are some of my favorites moments . . . 

Highlights included playing canasta, bonfires on the beach, meeting up with old friends, building sand hippos and crocodiles for the contest, holding my nephews a bunch, reading Battlefield Earth, and eating candy. It was a good week! But now I’m exhausted . . . .

Today was an unexpected rest and recovery day. I accidentally took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Boy, was I surprised when I woke up and it was 6pm! 

But then I made cornbread and gf cinnamon rolls. They turned out quite good, which was a nice surprise. 

Finished with Finals

This week we’ve had some young men staying with us. Isaac, Peter and I started to set up for Dutch Blitz when Tonka decided he wanted to play too. At first he came in and laid down right in the middle, but eventually we coaxed him to sit off to the side and be content with just his paw in the action.

I’ve also taken advantage of having these young men around to have them pluck strawberry stems. They went through 2 flats in no time at all, which left us more time to enjoy the strawberry shortcake that I promised them.

Today I stopped by to see grumpy old man Dietrich. He was obviously thrilled. Then I brought Eddie home for the afternoon.

In other news, I’m done with spring term! And . . . I actually miss it already. But it’s good to have a break. I’m still having some sort of unresolved gut issue and got blood drawn yesterday to make sure there’s nothing major going on. I suspect not, but I wanted to be sure. To celebrate being done with school, Mom and I were lazy and watched Anne of Green Gables in the afternoon while eating strawberry shortcake. Felt good to take it easy!

Rest day

Came home right after church today and enjoyed actually sitting down and reading for longer than a few minutes. Currently, I’m enjoying Styled and Battlefield Earth. Then I spent some time organizing photos, catching up on the phone with a friend and watching the first episode of season six of The Great British Bake Off with Tyler. Now I want cake. 

Compassion Connect

Today I got to volunteer with Compassion Connect. It’s an organization that helps churches provide free medical clinics. It was so exciting to be a part of it this year. I didn’t have a glamorous job at all, just checking volunteers in and out, but it was amazing to walk around and see everyone working and serving people in our community. I could’ve just stood and watched the dental clinic for ever. They were so busy and it was fun to have a bird’s-eye view. I did get a chance to interact with the patients a little by going around and asking them to sign a thank you poster that we will send out to the Drs and businesses that helped make it all possible. Everyone seemed excited to sign it, so that was nice. 

After I came home and took a two hour nap, I chatted with my cousin for a bit and then we watched Inside Out this evening. We hadn’t seen it, so it was nice to finally catch up with it.

Baby shower

Well, shucks. I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, thanks to this little guy. I helped host his baby shower. And I forgot to take a single picture. Argh!

Yesterday was one of those days where I had a million things to do and instead of stressing out I was able to give it up to God and go through my day calmly. Sometimes I think it’s almost easier to have a million things to do in a day since that’s when I more easily give up controlling the day and let God do all the hard work.

That being said, God took care of the day and I got school work wrapped up for the year (just finals to study for next week!) and the baby shower went off smoothly.

Today has been a little more relaxing with my last class in the morning, book group early afternoon, household chores in the late afternoon, along with a dose of Murder She Wrote. Ha! I know, so old fashioned. But really, I grew up watching them and they’ve stuck. And I won’t tell you how old I was before I realized that it wasn’t just one long weird word. My mom always said it so fast.