Farm day

Last night a friend facebooked me asking they could come over for a birthday outing. Today we had a picnic lunch together and then we did all the farm-y things. Plus we had brand new baby chicks to hold!

After they left, I set about the miserable job of digging out all the layers of chicken poop and sawdust from the wading pool I had the meat chickens in. Usually it’s not so deep and the pool can be dragged down to the compost pile and dumped there. This time it was way too heavy and it had to be shoveled out. Gross. It smelled bad. Really bad. Have I told you how bad it smelled? Bad. I did listen to War and Peace while doing the smelly job, which was an interesting contrast. I’m almost 3/4 of the way through the book, so hallelujah!

Now, I’m off to watch Death in Paradise. One of my favorites!