This morning consisted of farm work, ie cleaning up the front porch after moving the meat chicks into their new pen. And studying. Around noon, Mom, Grandpa and I met with Jacob’s teacher to see what he’s been working on all year. We’ve been trying to arrange this for months, so it was fun to sit down and finally see it. Jacob goes to a special school for learning disabilities called Arrowsmith. All they do, four mornings a week is brain exercises. It’s pretty intense and we are so proud of his hard work. Afterwards, he and I went off to run errands, and Mom and Grandpa left to have lunch with my cousin and his girlfriend.

And look what randomly showed up today? Three baby chicks. We were quite surprised as we hadn’t missed mama hen. I had just called Mom to tell her I was leaving and I found out that she had just pulled in the driveway. She told me that she had a surprise for me. After hearing my less than enthusiastic “What?” She quickly assured me it was a good one and told me the news. I came out and sure enough, we now have three baby chicks.

I met a friend for dinner and on a post-dinner stroll we walked through a nice neighborhood. These early blooming hydrangeas caught my eye. They make it start feeling like summer!