Katie got married today. Her sister Laura is walking her down the aisle. They are both long time childhood best friends of mine and I don’t know what I would have done growing up without them. Katie now lives in Astoria and Laura in England so it’s always spectacular when we get together.

The wedding had a relaxed vibe, as evident by the groomsmen’s outfits. They did all wear matching brown boots.  The wedding was on a friend’s farm and for dinner they served roasted pig and a potluck spread. It was delicious. There was also an old barn, a band and beer. Katie’s husband is a brew master, so that was fitting.

Tyler and a friend of his drove out with me and then went exploring while I was at the wedding. They came back and visited for a while since Tyler grew up with them also and his friend knew Laura from college. Then we left and we got to see the sunset over Young’s River. It was a good ending to a good day.