I spent most of the afternoon lying on a picnic blanket with friends in our backyard. And yes, it was as tough as it sounds. We are going through the book Artist’s Way and it’s been a lot more insightful to do it with other people at the same time.

Unless you be too jealous of my good fortune this afternoon, I will note that I spent the morning buying and unloading 400lbs of chicken feed and going to my tutoring class. 

This evening we went to a friend’s senior thesis presentation. I had fairly low expectations and was expecting it to be like a piano recital, but it was actually quite entertaining with the different theses covering a wide range of topics (from beauty, holiness and forgiveness to capital punishment and homelessness) that provided good food for thought. 

And then I came home to a new song that Andy had discovered on FB, a cover of The Sound of Silence.