Eyes working, essay posted

Today was fairly slow paced. Mostly me just working on school at a slug’s pace this afternoon, trying to ignore the gorgeous weather outside. 

I did attempt to get to my evening class early to go over my homework with the teacher and then eat my dinner afterwards. Well, errands took longer than I expected and I got there right on time and left my food at home. Oops. So I gave in and bought a snickers bar and some trail mix from a vending machine. About 10 min later I got a text saying my dad was bringing me dinner and I couldn’t have been happier. I just assumed he had a meeting in town, but after I got home I found out he came up just for me. I’m glad I shared that snickers bar with him. He deserved it.

Also, thanks to the tweak in my eye exercises yesterday, reading is coming much more easily and I had the mental energy to bake a rhubarb crisp for tomorrow. I’ve noticed that when my eyes aren’t tracking normally I tend to be a pretty stick to the family favorites cook as I don’t like doing all the looking down that cooking and reading recipes entails. So happy to be back to a better normal!

Also, my essay was published on The Papermill. You can read it here.