V-hit wonder

Well, today didn’t go as I expected. I had a functional neurology appointment first thing in the morning and I had finally whined enough about my eyes not tracking well, despite my balance being fairly stable, that Dr Z asked if I had time to stay to do a few tests. So that’s me wearing the v-hit goggles. I think this could inspire a whole new type of super hero. Marvel, are you reading this?

I ended up running out of time to meet with Dr Z, so I scheduled to come back in later in the afternoon. This meant that among all the other things happening today, I spent all day out, except the ten minutes I was home dropping people off. The good news is that after my second appointment with Dr Z, he was able to tweak my exercises a smidge and everything seemed to be happy. 

And the important thing is that I got to hold baby Dietrich today for the first time. And I do have proof of it, just on someone else’s phone.