And . . . I realized I totally forgot to mention the news of my second nephew being born late Friday night! Yesterday was so crazy full that it felt a little unreal. But it feels real now that most of the family got to see him and I didn’t. (I’ve been sick today.) Hopefully tomorrow!

Tonight I learned, for probably the third time, how to play 7 Wonders. We had six people playing and tried two different sets. How weird is that?

Another picture from yesterday: Andy was on the street corner directing traffic, so I stopped for a picture. And see those goodlooking t-shirts? I designed them! Crazy, huh? It was pretty cool to see them in person.

My hydrops starting acting up tonight. Sad face. Too many pizza toppings! Oops. I now know that if I start feeling grumpy, it’s probably because my ear is starting to fill up. The good news is that it is starting to feel better already, so I must not have eaten that much extra salt. Praise Jesus.