Fun run!

Yesterday, I went down to spend the night at my brother Andy’s as the next day was OSU’s Pet Day Fun Run that he was helping to organize. He told me he was going to have a surprise . . . 

Well, it was a kitten. He’s a total cat fanatic and had just driven 3 hours round trip to pick up an 8 week Siamese-blend kitty. And yes, she is adorable. 

The Fun Run was this morning. I brought Tonka down with me and we enjoyed a lovely walk through the country side. It was also super exciting to see the design I had made for the t-shirts months ago, in person, for reals. 

This bridge was the highlight. Who doesn’t love a covered bridge?

I got a kick out of this building having POULTRY over the front entrance.

My family and a bunch of friends drove down for the day. Mom even brought Juanita and she followed Mom faithfully around like a dog. We got tons of double takes as people realized it wasn’t a dog! And lots of people petted her. She seemed to take it all in stride.

Andy gave us a tour of the out hospital. Here we got to look at the horse treadmill.