Lambs and labs

Took this pic of Juanita’s feeding while taking a quick break from writing a lab report. 

Today I had an A&P midterm, an A&P lab and a Chemistry lab. And while I hated putting it off until today, I had to write my lab report since I spent yesterday studying for my midterm.

I also meet an old family friend to exchange some books with her that she left behind at our house on Tuesday. When I got to our meeting place at Starbucks near the college, I had this sinking feeling she would be late. So instead of sitting in my car getting  frustrated that she hadn’t shown up on time, I did the adult thing and went in to buy myself a drink, pulled out my laptop and started working on said lab report. She did end up showing up and we spent 15 minutes in intense conversation. She is 86 (I think!) and her mind moves at the speed of lightning, never staying on the same track longer than 30 seconds. It’s always an adventure trying to keep up with her!