Our roses are in full swing!

Spent the day finishing up the sorting of all my zillion cards and letters that I’ve saved over the years. 

Then in the afternoon Dad and I planted flowers from yesterday’s foray to the nursery and weeded the veggie garden, so hopefully we will plant that on Monday.

I love plants

This afternoon Mom and I stopped by our favorite nursery on the way home from Jacob’s doctor appointments. Buying plants is one of my favorite ways of spending money. 

Earlier in the day, I bought some buff orpingtons and two turkeys. Last evening in lab, a fellow student who works at Wilco asked if I wanted any older chicks. When I asked about turkeys, she said she had 7 or 8 available and she could give them to me at a steep discount. When I got to store today, all but two had been sold. Oh well! Two are better than nothing, right? 

Better than yesterday

No post from yesterday as I felt so crummy I went to bed over an hour early. I even forgot to feed my bunny its evening snackeroo. Poor bunny. But today was much better! Eddie spent the night here and when I dropped him off this morning I got to hold baby Dietrich. You can tell he was thrilled. I also had the chance to visit with his Aunt Hadley who is visiting from North Carolina, so that was fun.

The rest of the day was filled with school and house stuff. We got to dissect a cow eye in lab. I’m mad that I forgot to take pictures of it.

In Chemistry lab we made a cool green chrystal. As this was my last lab, I had to get a picture with my amazing lab partner, Jaimie. At one point, she was in the Navy working on a ship with nuclear reactor stuff. She’s also worked as a lab assistant, so she was a fountain of knowledge which offset me being the complete opposite.

Then I came home and whipped up another attempt at shortcakes to eat with our strawberries. (The first ones came out as bricks this afternoon. Blech.) The second batch was much better and we celebrated Grandpa’s visit (he leaves tomorrow) and the end of Jacob’s school year. We are so proud of him!

Farm day

Last night a friend facebooked me asking they could come over for a birthday outing. Today we had a picnic lunch together and then we did all the farm-y things. Plus we had brand new baby chicks to hold!

After they left, I set about the miserable job of digging out all the layers of chicken poop and sawdust from the wading pool I had the meat chickens in. Usually it’s not so deep and the pool can be dragged down to the compost pile and dumped there. This time it was way too heavy and it had to be shoveled out. Gross. It smelled bad. Really bad. Have I told you how bad it smelled? Bad. I did listen to War and Peace while doing the smelly job, which was an interesting contrast. I’m almost 3/4 of the way through the book, so hallelujah!

Now, I’m off to watch Death in Paradise. One of my favorites!

This morning consisted of farm work, ie cleaning up the front porch after moving the meat chicks into their new pen. And studying. Around noon, Mom, Grandpa and I met with Jacob’s teacher to see what he’s been working on all year. We’ve been trying to arrange this for months, so it was fun to sit down and finally see it. Jacob goes to a special school for learning disabilities called Arrowsmith. All they do, four mornings a week is brain exercises. It’s pretty intense and we are so proud of his hard work. Afterwards, he and I went off to run errands, and Mom and Grandpa left to have lunch with my cousin and his girlfriend.

And look what randomly showed up today? Three baby chicks. We were quite surprised as we hadn’t missed mama hen. I had just called Mom to tell her I was leaving and I found out that she had just pulled in the driveway. She told me that she had a surprise for me. After hearing my less than enthusiastic “What?” She quickly assured me it was a good one and told me the news. I came out and sure enough, we now have three baby chicks.

I met a friend for dinner and on a post-dinner stroll we walked through a nice neighborhood. These early blooming hydrangeas caught my eye. They make it start feeling like summer!


We hung out at my brother’s house after church today. It was fun to be all together for the first time in a while, plus my grandpa is still visiting. Baby Dietrich is now two weeks old. 

Meanwhile Eddie is all of a sudden a toddler. Dad was giving him some bloopers while Pooky and I watched. After dinner we enjoyed watching some of JP Sears spoof videos, like this one.

Katie got married today. Her sister Laura is walking her down the aisle. They are both long time childhood best friends of mine and I don’t know what I would have done growing up without them. Katie now lives in Astoria and Laura in England so it’s always spectacular when we get together.

The wedding had a relaxed vibe, as evident by the groomsmen’s outfits. They did all wear matching brown boots.  The wedding was on a friend’s farm and for dinner they served roasted pig and a potluck spread. It was delicious. There was also an old barn, a band and beer. Katie’s husband is a brew master, so that was fitting.

Tyler and a friend of his drove out with me and then went exploring while I was at the wedding. They came back and visited for a while since Tyler grew up with them also and his friend knew Laura from college. Then we left and we got to see the sunset over Young’s River. It was a good ending to a good day.


Whew-we! I’m thankful that this week is over. Between Mom and Dad being gone, Jacob having a 5 day migraine so far and extended family drama going on, it has been a long week.

Today I had my tutoring class in the morning and then came on home to catch up on chores. My huge project this week has been building a shelter for the meat chickens. It’s taken a while, but it’s finally done and the chicks moved today.

I also took an impromptu trip to Salem to take Jacob to the doctor, which meant I got to listen to Harry Potter for two hours. So, yeah, it makes the long drive a lot more interesting!

Kicking my

Well, yesterday and today have been kicking my keister. It’s been two long days and I’m thankful for a fresh start tomorrow!

Today in lab we made the concoction above, so that was cool. I’m thankful for something fun in today’s lab.

And I’m thankful that both my parents are back in town. Dad drove in with grandpa late last night and Mom flew in this evening. 

Jacob’s migraine has decreased a little bit. We are slowly figuring out the right meds for him. Tyler and I took him to the ER last night and Dad took him to the pediatrician this morning.

I’m grateful that I’m making it to bed before midnight. Yawn! Good night.

I don’t often take pictures of my food, but this morning my breakfast was so colorful I couldn’t resist.

I met a friend for lunch at a coffee shop that I’ve been to plenty of times, I’ve just never sat on the patio. Well, this time we did and it was gorgeous. They have all sorts of innovative water gardens. 

The rest of the day was spent studying for a Chemistry midterm this evening. The test ended up being a lot easier then I expected, so that was lovely.