Serenity (not)

I chose this picture to reflect on what my day was about. Not. 

That isn’t to say there weren’t lovely moments, such as meeting a best friend for lunch. It just felt long with too many things I was trying to juggle, and hoping that I didn’t drop anything important!  

Looking back on the day, I wish I had spent more time thanking God for the opportunities and asking Him for help, instead of feeling like it all depended on me. Oops. 

I had a new experience today. I’m helping pass out flyers for a free medical and dental clinic. I’ve never approached businesses in this manner before, asking if we can leave fliers. So far, I’ve managed to do it at one store. Ha! Go me. Another one I went into, I didn’t think to ask for the manager. And another I didn’t feel like waiting in line, since I can pop in easily another time. I have about 12 more places to go, so wish me luck.

In other news, my Dr Z appointment is tomorrow and I am so overdue. Can’t wait to be feeling more stable!