This was one of those days that I felt more keenly that God is rearranging my life. He keeps on introducing sub plots with twists that I don’t expect, like He’s afraid that I might get bored with the show and switch the channel. 

Thankfully, its mostly drama going on around me and I realize my job is to point myself (and others) toward Him and keep moving forward. Also, I don’t have to have all the answers. Whew!

This morning I went out to do farm chores and found a new lamb. She looks a bit premature and was a weak and dirty mess when I found her lying in the mud. She seems to have some fight in her, but still has problems getting up so I’ll be checking on her in the middle of the night. Hopefully she will pull through.

I spent most of today woking in my room and setting up for 100 baby chicks on Monday. My room looks considerably better, but the porch looks considerably worse as that is where the baby chicks will be lodged. Things are piled up in preparation, but I can now see the top if my dresser and I unearthed my Be Calm cards which are a fitting reminder for the end of this week.