Sun and clouds

I snuck this picture of my brother, Daniel, feeding our bummer lamb this afternoon during a break from the rain. While he doth protest affection for Juanita the lamb, he sat there a few minutes longer than he had to and I’m pretty sure he was petting her ….
In other news, today was myladies book club meeting. We are going through The Artist Way. I missed last week, so I thought we were on chapter 3, did my exercises for that chapter, then found out they hadn’t moved on last week and we were still on chapter 2. Not sure if I’m ahead or behind now. 

This afternoon I took the chemistry midterm that I had missed on Tuesday. After hearing impressions of the test in class yesterday, I’m not expecting to have done great. So far I’ve done poorly on each first test of the quarter and then managed to do fine the rest of the term, so I’m not sweating it.

A couple friends had a party to celebrate earning their PE degrees. (Wow! Well done, guys!) It would have been fun to go, but since I was gone last weekend and then sick most of this week it was better to have an evening to catch up with family. 

We watched Max Dugan Returns last night, and while it does have its hilarious moments, man, there is something about the ending that bugs me. I couldn’t quite take Max getting away with it when I was twelve and I guess I’m still made of the same law-abiding stuff. But then again, I find Meet the Inlaws hilarious.