Camas Flowers and Zombies

Well, I wasn’t trying to start a theme of flowers, but apparently I like taking pictures of them.

I took this photo of what I believe are Camas flowers, coming from the Camas bulb. They are pretty, but that’s not the reason I took the picture. How silly would that be. 

I took the picture to send to my family so that they would know, in case of a zombie attack, where we could find Camas bulbs to live off of. We learned about them when most of us volunteered at our local history museum. And while I hope to never put my knowledge of the indigenous diet into practical use, it’s still nice to have a comforting back up plan.

In other news, I was sick yesterday, but thankfully  had recovered enough to make it to school today as I had a lecture and then a lab midterm. After that I had a real lab (bones, bones, bones!) and then got to write a lab report for my night class. Fun, fun.