Weekend Update


This week was filled with lots of spring time activities. Because of the week of sunshine we’ve had I’ve spent a lot of time outside working in the garden and the barn.

We also have a bummer lamb this year. She’s a week old and was enamored with tulips this afternoon.

Spring term also started! I’m finishing up my Chemistry sequence and am starting Anatomy and Physiology. I’m excited.

And, well, I manged to bang my forehead hard while working down at the barn yesterday. One of the reasons I’ve been paranoid to work around the farm is  for that exact reason and it finally happened. I barely noticed it last night, but it’s been pretty sore to day. Praying that it’s just my forehead and that the ol’ noggin is still okay! I’ve been taking lots of neuroflam and white willow so hopefully that will keep my brain from getting too upset!