Roses and Sunshine

Spotted these beauties on my morning walk with Grandpa. 

So thankful I got to meet up with my best sister-friends and Aunt this afternoon in Walnut Creek, which was about an hour away for all of us except Leah, who drove two hours! Thank you, Leah! We had lunch at a Greek restaurant, walked around downtown, forgot about our parking time limit and had ice cream.

Then I met up with Uncles and Aunts and Grandpa for dinner, which was delicious and full of good conversation.

And now it’s bedtime. I’m excited to be sleeping by a window so I can look at the stars.

Flying South

I forgot to post yesterday, hence this morning post.

Yesterday I flew down to spend the weekend with my grandpa. My grandma died a few months ago, so we’ve been flying down more often to see him.

After he picked me up, we went on a hike in the foothills near Stevens Creek. He’s an impressive hiker for being 91. The wildflowers were in bloom and the bay trees were more majestic than I remember.

In the evening I worked on sorting through Grandmas stuff, which can be fun or depressing, depending on what I find and how tired I am!

Wisteria love

I love wisteria. My grandparents had it growning along their back porch and I always thought it was beautifully fleeting, so I am excited that the plant on campus are blooming. 

We also got 100 baby chicks today. I never get tired of baby chicks and although I wish they would stay cute forever, I’m kind of happy that they get old and ugly so it’s easier to deal with butchering them. 

My chemistry teacher figured out how to play music in the lab room. Today we listened to Disney songs while experimenting with urea. It was splendid.


Well, I am guessing that’s not something you see every day. A lamb on a lap FaceTime-ing. Our bummer lamb (Juanita) was feeling lonely, so we put it in my moms lap for a few minutes while we were facetiming with my aunt. The lamb actually sat for a bit! Ha, something new every day.

Today was mostly a rest and recover day, although I did meet a friend at a park before my Dr Z visit. Then I spent the afternoon not doing much: a little tv, a nap and homework. It felt good to not have a bunch of deadlines today.

Serenity (not)

I chose this picture to reflect on what my day was about. Not. 

That isn’t to say there weren’t lovely moments, such as meeting a best friend for lunch. It just felt long with too many things I was trying to juggle, and hoping that I didn’t drop anything important!  

Looking back on the day, I wish I had spent more time thanking God for the opportunities and asking Him for help, instead of feeling like it all depended on me. Oops. 

I had a new experience today. I’m helping pass out flyers for a free medical and dental clinic. I’ve never approached businesses in this manner before, asking if we can leave fliers. So far, I’ve managed to do it at one store. Ha! Go me. Another one I went into, I didn’t think to ask for the manager. And another I didn’t feel like waiting in line, since I can pop in easily another time. I have about 12 more places to go, so wish me luck.

In other news, my Dr Z appointment is tomorrow and I am so overdue. Can’t wait to be feeling more stable! 

My adorable nephew and his dad came over tonight to help celebrate J’s birthday. His mom is due any day, so she opted to stay home. I can’t believe this little guy is going to be a big brother soon and I can’t wait to meet the new baby!

Today was fairly quiet. The little lamb is doing much better. I spent most of the day catching up on texts to friends (I’m not the fastest responder), emails (helping with the promotion of a free medical clinic) and phone calls (checking on the delivery status of our hundred meat chicks), among other things. 

At some point I took a siesta, as the sunshine spilling out on the floor looked so inviting. So, I just conked out on the floor. Sometimes I like pretending I’m still a kid!

After my nap, J and the parents got home. There was a lot of excitement with J getting his new birthday present, an iTouch. It was kind of a last minute thing that we all contributed to (oh the benefits if having older siblings with jobs!) because we all really wanted him to be able to participate in our very active family text group and be able to FaceTime brothers who don’t live at home. He was beyond excited. He had no clue it was even coming. Never occurred to him it was a possibility, since no one else in the family’s ever gotten that big of a gift before. The parents took him to the store on the pretense of picking up something for dad and then surprised him with the iTouch. They took a sweet video of the news sinking in on his face.

Later in the evening we had chicken paprigosh with spaetzle for dinner and Swiss Roll cake for dessert. It was a successful evening. 

Sunshine and more balloon flowers

I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of the balloon flowers this morning when I was looking for eggs.

Also, the little lamb that I mentioned yesterday is doing better. She still has a hard time getting up, which I think depends on how the ground is sloped. She is now sucking well and getting nourishment, so as long as I check on her regularly to make sure she’s not stuck, I have high hopes for her.

After church, mom and I popped by S&J’s to say hi and visit. Because of traveling and being sick, it had been too long – a week and a half! T&D came over after gym, too. Dad and J stayed home as they were sick. After dinner, we spent some quality time watching good ol’ Candid Camera. 


This was one of those days that I felt more keenly that God is rearranging my life. He keeps on introducing sub plots with twists that I don’t expect, like He’s afraid that I might get bored with the show and switch the channel. 

Thankfully, its mostly drama going on around me and I realize my job is to point myself (and others) toward Him and keep moving forward. Also, I don’t have to have all the answers. Whew!

This morning I went out to do farm chores and found a new lamb. She looks a bit premature and was a weak and dirty mess when I found her lying in the mud. She seems to have some fight in her, but still has problems getting up so I’ll be checking on her in the middle of the night. Hopefully she will pull through.

I spent most of today woking in my room and setting up for 100 baby chicks on Monday. My room looks considerably better, but the porch looks considerably worse as that is where the baby chicks will be lodged. Things are piled up in preparation, but I can now see the top if my dresser and I unearthed my Be Calm cards which are a fitting reminder for the end of this week. 

Sun and clouds

I snuck this picture of my brother, Daniel, feeding our bummer lamb this afternoon during a break from the rain. While he doth protest affection for Juanita the lamb, he sat there a few minutes longer than he had to and I’m pretty sure he was petting her ….
In other news, today was myladies book club meeting. We are going through The Artist Way. I missed last week, so I thought we were on chapter 3, did my exercises for that chapter, then found out they hadn’t moved on last week and we were still on chapter 2. Not sure if I’m ahead or behind now. 

This afternoon I took the chemistry midterm that I had missed on Tuesday. After hearing impressions of the test in class yesterday, I’m not expecting to have done great. So far I’ve done poorly on each first test of the quarter and then managed to do fine the rest of the term, so I’m not sweating it.

A couple friends had a party to celebrate earning their PE degrees. (Wow! Well done, guys!) It would have been fun to go, but since I was gone last weekend and then sick most of this week it was better to have an evening to catch up with family. 

We watched Max Dugan Returns last night, and while it does have its hilarious moments, man, there is something about the ending that bugs me. I couldn’t quite take Max getting away with it when I was twelve and I guess I’m still made of the same law-abiding stuff. But then again, I find Meet the Inlaws hilarious. 

Camas Flowers and Zombies

Well, I wasn’t trying to start a theme of flowers, but apparently I like taking pictures of them.

I took this photo of what I believe are Camas flowers, coming from the Camas bulb. They are pretty, but that’s not the reason I took the picture. How silly would that be. 

I took the picture to send to my family so that they would know, in case of a zombie attack, where we could find Camas bulbs to live off of. We learned about them when most of us volunteered at our local history museum. And while I hope to never put my knowledge of the indigenous diet into practical use, it’s still nice to have a comforting back up plan.

In other news, I was sick yesterday, but thankfully  had recovered enough to make it to school today as I had a lecture and then a lab midterm. After that I had a real lab (bones, bones, bones!) and then got to write a lab report for my night class. Fun, fun.