Gardening, a slow re-introduction 

Today it was gorgeously sunny and blue skies and this was the best picture I got. I spent a few minutes organizing the garden shed and thought I’d take a less than artistic photo…

One of my goals the past month or so was to try to spend a little time outside each day gardening. While most days I fail in getting outside as Homework! Dinner! Cleaning! all yell with more urgent voices, I have managed to slowly mulch almost all of the flower beds around the house. Most days I just do one wheelbarrow load of mulch, which considering our mulch pile is ironically and stupidly at the complete opposite end of our two acre “yard” than the house and said flower beds. And did I mention that it is also down hill? This means a steep walk pushing a full wheelbarrow up, up and up to the house. It also means that I get a good workout. When I first started this about a month ago, half a wheelbarrow load left me panting and sore. Today I pushed up not one, but two FULL wheelbarrow loads and was barely out of breath.

I used to love to garden before my concussions, but ever since my inner ear issues began, it has always been a fight to get my brain to go out there. And while I still hear my brain pushing back and fighting against so much movement, today I felt like the voice was a little less loud.