8 Tips To Speed Recovery From a Hydrops Attack

Last week was a bit of a disappointment. I spent the weekend in Seattle visiting my friend Rebekah and that was all lovely.

Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops

But then driving home, I made the mistake of opening up a bag of Kettle’s Barbeque Blue chips (I’m totally addicted to them right now) and I absent-mindedly ate almost the WHOLE bag on the four hour drive home. Ooops! That was stupid. I don’t even know how much sodium that was. I don’t want to know.

That means most of last week I paid for it. I’ve had to sleep on the couch at least a couple of nights as I couldn’t get stable laying on my bed. And I felt off all week, lazing around every chance I could get.

So here are my tips for speeding up recovery from an Hydrops attack:

  1. Plan on taking it easy for the next few days. If you can, postpone commitments and schedule time to rest. It always takes a lot of mental energy on my part as I deal with hydrops and my balance being off, and I find I get exhausted easily.
  2. Make sure you are eating low-sodium meals!
  3. Supplement with a natural diuretic. Natural diuretics aren’t enough to keep my ears drained on their own, but I find increasing or adding them in can help during a flareup to help things drain faster.
  4. Drink more water. If you’re on more diuretics, up that water intake!
  5. Experiment with nettle. I find that nettle really helps things calm down in my ear. I usually take two pills with each meal. Nettle tea can also help, but it’s not as dramatic.
  6. Massage your ear with oil. Encourage circulation around your ear and lymph nodes to improve drainage.
  7. To also improve drainage, try warming the area around your ear with either a hot water bottle or warm shower.
  8. Take anti-inflammatory pills. I don’t think these help with immediate symptoms, but I feel like they help my ear calm down quicker once the original flare up is over. I will take Neuro-flam, tumeric and ginger in various doses depending on how bad I feel. If I take too much tumeric and ginger I notice I start getting too hot and dry, so then I back off and use some coconut oil to help moisten my skin.