Weekend Links & Updates



These pill containers look useful. I’m looking into getting some. You know you’re good health buddies when you talk about organizing your pills!


  • I’ve spent the weekend in Seattle visiting one of my best friends. She and I are “health” buddies and both know what it’s like to feel awful at times. It’s always nice to have someone in your life who can empathize and not just sympathize. We’ve pretty much lazed around watching Amazing Race and  Fixer Upper, and as of this evening, played Cribbage and Rummy. It’s been low-key which has been very relaxing.
  • I was more than a little nervous about the drive up (it took about 4 hours) and the last hour my eyes were starting to get really tired. But then my best friend from California called and I talked to her the last 45 minutes of the drive and that distracted me/woke me up and I made it safely here. Now fingers crossed for the trip home tomorrow!
  • I’m feeling so refreshed about the new year! I had an hour to myself last Sunday to sit down and try to plan things out with different goals for weekly, monthly and year-long time frames. I’m feeling grateful for maturity in setting goals and the health to actually be able to accomplish goals.