Weekend Links & Updates



  • After taking a hiatus, I’m hopefully back to blogging regularly! Feels good to be back.
  • This week I started classes at the community college. This time I’m taking Calculus and Chemistry, along with Ballet. It’s always a little overwhelming the first week as I get the hang of how much time each class takes, but I think things are starting to settle down.
  • School got off to an interesting start as the first day was canceled due to a “snow” day, which was really an ice day. The roads around us were slick until around noon. We got freezing rain off and on Sunday, so that was exciting. Andrew tried to leave to head back down to OSU but quickly slid (safely) off the road and gave up. We tromped down the hill to help him carry stuff back up and while helping unload things another car going up the hill had to stop as it was just spinning it’s wheels. We ended up helping them park right behind Andrews car. It was the only safe spot on the hill to park off the road, so we are grateful to God that he didn’t slid into a ditch! After getting back home we settled in for another evening of playing games and watching movies. But it felt good to get back to our normal routine on Tuesday!