Weekend Links & Updates

At our friends Christmas party



  • I’ve been rather overwhelmed the past two weeks… I got slammed with a giant graphics design project to finish up and spent most of Thanksgiving week, weekend and the beginning of this week squeezing as much time as I could into it. Today I just finished up my last project for that class, so that was a good feeling.
  • Thanksgiving was very enjoyable! Including my family it was about 30 people. A good sized group! We had family and friends over and it was pretty relaxing as I didn’t let myself near the computer. This week my Aunt and Uncle are visiting from California, so that’s been a treat. 🙂
  • Today’s been rough. I had too much salt last night at a family party and slept on the couch last night, and I think I am about to do the same tonight. Sigh. At least there’s a way for me to get comfortable! I’m a little surprised it hasn’t drained more already. I have discovered that taking nettle seems to help keep it draining, so I guess I’m off to take some more of that and my anti-inflammatories.
  • Tis the season of Christmas parties! Went to one last night with a brother to celebrate some friend’s newly remodeled house. It was fun to see all the thought and detail that went into it. We didn’t stay long as I was feeling so off and came home and watched Anne of Green Gables with my mom and Aunt and all was well with the world for a few moments.