Weekend Links & Updates


Looking out of Pittock Mansion’s music room.


  • VEDA Support Groups – Find one near you!
  • Brain Science Podcasts – Currently listening to number 120 with Dr. Taub. Much easier to understand what they are talking about now that I’ve read Norman Doidge’s book The Brain That Changes Itself.


  • I had a Chemistry midterm last week and found out that I did decently well on it, so that was nice!
  • I went to my first VEDA  (Vestibular Disorder Association) support group (see link above) and it was a good experience. At least once I got there. I’ll write more about it on Wednesday.
  • My week has been crummy but things are finally looking up. I’ve been dealing with some sort of low grade cold that had settled in my bad ear making me feel low grade dizzy. I finally switched up my immune supplements and am feeling much better and my ear and lymph nodes are draining.
  • I felt good enough on Saturday to hang out with a friend of mine. We went to the Pittock mansion and then had some delicious Chai Tea afterwards. It was so refreshing to get out and do something tourist-y.