Weekend Links & Updates



  • Oh my goodness! On Thursday I realized I had completely missed my midweek posting. So sorry! Next week, the long awaited therapy video is coming.
  • After the week I’ve had it’s no wonder that I missed doing my blog post this week, Here’s how my weeks turned out. It started on Sunday staying up late helping with a friend’s family crisis. I had a Chemistry midterm Tuesday evening. And to top it all off, I’ve been under a deadline to try and draw up some house plans for some friends who are building a house. It’s been super fun (and I totally volunteered to do it!), but I have a tendency to lose track of time while I’m doing it and not take care of myself. Which is probably why I’m still sick and now I think I’m getting an ear infection. Argh.
  • The picture above is of my second project for my graphics design class. We had to create a monster out of an animal, a machine and a fruit. I think it turned out well! I used a shark, a swimming pool vacuum and a pineapple to create my lovely creature of the sea.
  • This weekend some of my family is heading to Corvallis to visit my brother. I’m staying home because the ear issue makes me really tired when I drive. And hopefully I’ll finish healing! I’m off to go watch a movie and soak my ear in garlic oil. Wish me luck!