Weekend Links & Updates



  • Well, first off, my women’s retreat was a success. So thankful for how well it went. I even felt like I was on vacation and since I did most of the running of it, I wasn’t sure if I would feel like I was working the whole time. Also, I didn’t get dizzy which was amazing. I did have one sort of “panic/stress out” moment and my “hydrops” ear filled up so I did have to watch my salt. BUT, I didn’t get dizzy and that’s the first time I’ve gotten ready for a trip that I haven’t gotten dizzy.
  • I wrote earlier this week about my eye going wonky thanks to watching Avengers: Age of Ultron. I think it was just way to much action for my brain. My right eye started feeling like it was digging into my nose and it made me really tired. Since starting the new exercises I’ve had so much more energy this week, so that’s been refreshing.
  • School is going really well. Taking chemistry and graphic design has proved to be the perfect mix between being out of the house, having homework, and stretching my brain and reestablishing new connections.
  • Today it was really windy and I went on a walk with my mom. By the end, as I was waiting to get the keys to open the door into the house, a huge gust hit and it felt like the house was moving on me. I then promptly took a forty minute nap!