Weekend Links & Updates


I’m slowly Kon-Mari-ing my clothing. Today I worked on shirts!



  • My eyes are tired and not working together well today (which also means my balance is off). Yesterday I spent a lot of time painting, which being right handed I used my right hand to do most of the painting. I think that possibly messed stuff up. But I’m excited that I got most of my painting done! All summer I’ve been working towards getting the doors done.
  • I’m in my second week of Chemistry class. And the Graphic Design class. For that class, I get to design a monster created from a fruit, machine and animal. Should be fun!
  • Ha! Well, I’ve solved the mystery of why my eyes aren’t working well together. I wrote most of this Saturday morning (it’s not evening) and this afternoon I took a two hour nap and my nose starting filling up, so I think I’m coming down with a cold. Stuffed sinuses mean an unhappy ear which means whacked balance. Thankfully, I don’t have anything going on this weekend, so rest it is!