Functional Neurology progress (part 1)

I haven’t written much about functional neurology for awhile, mostly because there’s been nothing to report. Over the summer I daily did my optokinetic exercises that I talk about here, and they helped dramatically with feeling stable. But it never seemed to last for long. I could get away with skipping one day, but that was about it. And I never felt comfortable pushing myself too much with the exercises as they are strong medicine and if I wasn’t careful, I could seriously mess things up.

Eventually I got to the point where I wasn’t noticing any progress, but I wasn’t slipping back either. I made some notes of what I was still having problems with and a couple of weeks ago I had an appointment with my functional neurologist and we were able to talk about my lingering issues.

The number one issue that I remember talking about was my problem with sitting in any chair or bench that was sloped slightly backwards. You wouldn’t believe how many chairs are like that. Plus, most pews are – including my church’s. And they were very tiring! Depending on the angle of slope (wow, that sounds like math!) I could last between 30-60 minutes without my neck just aching. In fact, I went to a conference at a church and the pews were so sloped that after 30 minutes I had to find a chair in the way back that was next to the wall which I could then lean my head up against. And then I spent the rest of Friday evening and all day Saturday there. And I thanked God for that chair!

After some thought, the functional neurologist decided to try a new version of my exercise… and so far it’s working great! Next week, I’ll give more juicy details, but I’ve given you a picture as a teaser. Let’s just say I’m teasing them about getting me a chair that has racing stripes!