Weekend Links & Updates



  • My shoulders and neck have been the sorest ever this week. I started a new exercise program this week and Monday and Tuesday were great. Wednesday, I got over ambitious and did WAY to much. By the end of the day everything had seized up. And I pulled a muscle or two in my shoulders. So that means a couple of days of taking it easy. Argh!
  • Whew, in addition to that, this week has been crazy but exciting. I started classes at our local community college this week. One is on graphic design and using photoshop. The other is. . . drumroll. . . General Chemistry. Both are classes I’ve always wanted to take and that I had resigned myself to never being able to learn in a classroom setting. So I’m thrilled that it seems to be going well.
  • I’m also in the throes of wrapping up the planning for our church’s first-ever women’s retreat. We have about 40 ladies coming and so far things are going smoothly, but it takes a lot of proactive planning. I’ve probably spent about 4 hours on it this week, so that combined with starting classes means it’s been busy.