Weekend Links & Updates




  • Last Friday involved an outing to the river, friends over for dinner and an evening conference. Then Saturday was a whole day conference, a quick nap and then a wedding. On top of two weeks of non-stop on-the-go company, I was done by Sunday afternoon. It felt good to do nothing!
  • This week was my brother Jacob’s second week going to the Arrowsmith Program. I found out about it after reading Barbara Arrowsmith’s book, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain. We are seeing a little bit of progress already so that’s encouraging!
  • I’ve been driving Jacob to school every morning, so that’s been a bit of an adjustment. I’m getting up an hour earlier, but I think I’m finally adjusting. It really felt like I had jet lag for a while!
  • This past week has been a little more relaxed. My brother Andrew is leaving for Vet Med school tomorrow, so the focus has been on spending time with him. Yesterday we had a family day and hiked to Mirror Lake up near Mt Hood. Unfortunately the mountain was cloudy, but the hike was lovely. Today is another relaxed day with hopefully some games, movie (It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) and pizza eating!