Does Acupunture help with MdDS or Hydrops?

The short answer is: Yes.

The long answer is more complicated. Acupuncture is extremely individualized and I wouldn’t say by any means that it is a miracle cure. But for me, I have found that it provides some extra stability and is worth it!

So what differences have I noticed?

I feel more grounded.

I think MdDS and Hydrops (and probably other vestibular disorders) lend themselves to a feeling of lightheadedness and a slight floating sensation. I notice that after acupuncture I feel more connected to my feet. And I feel “heavier” in a good way! Not as in fatter, but as in my center of balance is lower and I’m more stable. As in less likely to get blown over by a gust of wind.

My hydrops stays consistent.

This was especially true before my nose surgery and I had blocked sinuses. I noticed that my ear would feel fuller if I hadn’t done acupuncture that week. I hadn’t thought about the correlation again until today, but all last week I was having issues with hydrop flare ups and I had also gone about a month without acupuncture, and I suspect that was contributing to my sensitivity. Now that I just had an appointment I’ll be curious to see if it stabilizes again. If so, this is a huge reason for me to keep doing acupuncture, as hydrops flare ups get old very fast.

My neck and shoulders stay looser.

Before I was able to do physical therapy for my shoulders and neck, they were extremely weak and constantly sore. Acupuncture helped keep the pain down and I believe brought some healing to the area as my pain level did decrease a little bit after several months (and then it seemed to plateau). Now that my neck and shoulders are stronger, they don’t get sore like they used to, but I know that they aren’t “normal” as they are always having to do extra work to compensate for my balance. It’s nice to give them a well deserved rest.

It lessens the side effects of my prescription diuretic.

Diuretics can be extremely hard on your kidneys and I want to do everything I can to ease the unfortunate burden they have to carry and acupuncture provides some support. My acupuncturist also gives me several different supplements that support the kidneys and dispel excess warmth that I get from the diuretic. I also take a diuretic supplement from her that is just a little boost to my prescription diuretic. It helps the kidneys and allows me to eat just a little more salt.

Acupuncture has been a huge blessing as I’ve dealt with the side effects of hydrops and MdDS and it’s a useful tool to have in your toolbox. I think it’s pretty easy to tell whether it’s helpful, but you need to give it more than just an appointment or two to see if it helps as it is cumulative. If possible, I would suggest giving it at least 4-6 visits to see if it helps.