Weekend Links & Updates


A pretty garden I spotted in Corvallis



  • I’m still dealing with some hydrops issues. Yesterday I had another minor flare up and I’m suspecting that it is because I haven’t been cooking what I’ve been eating so it’s a lot harder for me to have an idea of how much salt I’m eating. Sigh.
  • The first half of this week was fairly stressful. A friend had a family emergency and I spent Tuesday at the courthouse helping her get a restraining order for her husband. It was long and stressful, but I didn’t have any waves of dizziness which was fantastic.
  • The week hasn’t been all stressful. I spent the day with my family and we helped move one of my brothers into his new apartment at Corvallis. He’ll start veterinary medicine school this fall at OSU and we are all excited for him. His lifelong dream to be a cat vet began at age 6. 
  • I’m playing the piano again and actually enjoying it. 🙂