Weekend Links & Updates

I don’t have many pictures from this week, so here’s Topaz playing with some string.



  • This evening my right ear is feeling full. Not sure why. Perhaps I had to much salt at dinner? It just means I’m laying around not doing much.
  • This week I spent two days “working” as an Extra for a tv show filmed in Portland. I put “work” in quotation marks as it’s not really work, it’s mostly sitting around and waiting for them to need you to walk across the street, etc. I did it once last summer and it was fun. If you can bring stuff to keep you occupied and you don’t mind it being a little unpredictable, it’s a very nice way to earn a bit of money. The only downside is that the hours can be really long. Both days I was on set for 13+ hours. And it can stretch even longer than that if there’s a crunch to finish an episode. On the plus side, you might get to watch the actors acting and you get a upscale restaurant-worthy lunch.
  • Today, I spent time finally adding up my concussion related medical costs for 2014. And then I cried. It’s surprisingly emotional going through old receipts. And it’s humbling.


  • Melissa is doing a give away! I found her most recent post to be just what I needed to hear after dealing with money and memories this afternoon.